Terms and Conditions

Chapter 1 Welcome to FANTOO.

Article 1 Purpose and definition

FANTOO (hereinafter referred to as “Service”) provides an environment where users can create communities and create content based on their fandom. These terms and conditions are intended to stipulate the rights, obligations and responsibilities, and other necessary matters between the company and members in relation to the use of services provided by FNS (hereinafter referred to as the “company”).

Article 2 Specification, effect and change of the terms and conditions

  • ① The contents of these terms and conditions are posted on the screen of the integrated service or notified by other means, and are effective for all of you who agree to these terms and conditions.
  • ② If necessary, the company may change these terms and conditions within the scope of not violating the relevant laws and regulations. In principle, if these terms and conditions are changed, in principle, the Company will notify you of the changes at least 15 days prior to the effective date through the Service Notice. If the contents are unavoidably unfavorable to you, we will notify you individually through the initial screen of the service, individual service screen, or notice at least 30 days prior to the effective date of the changes.
  • ③ If the company makes a notice or notice in accordance with the preceding paragraph and does not express an intention to reject it from the date of notice or notice until 7 days after the effective date of the revised agreement, the revised agreement is deemed to have been approved.
  • ④You can choose to terminate the contract of use by expressing your willingness to reject the changed terms and conditions. Regarding the effect of termination of individual paid usage rights within the service, the contents of the terms related to the paid service terms shall be followed.
  • ⑤ In principle, these Terms and Conditions are applied from the date you agree to these Terms and Conditions until the termination of the use contract pursuant to Article 19 of these Terms and Conditions. However, some provisions including Articles 18 and 20 of these Terms and Conditions may be applied in effect even after the termination of the use contract.

Article 3 rules other than the terms and conditions

Matters not specified in these terms and conditions are subject to the relevant laws or regulations of the company's operating policies and rules (hereinafter referred to as the 'Detailed Guidelines').

Article 4 Definition of terms

  • -Service: As a service provided by the company, it refers to the FANTOO service that members can use.
  • -User: A person who uses the service provided by the company.
  • -Member: Refers to a user who has signed a use contract with the company in accordance with Article 5, Paragraph 1 of these Terms and Conditions.
  • -ID: Refers to the account set by the member and approved by the company to identify the member and registered with the company.
  • -Password: A combination of English letters, numbers, and special characters set by the member for service use.
  • -In App Purchase: It refers to a system that purchases or pays for digital products within the FANTOO Application (hereinafter referred to as “app”). Payments made in in-app payment follow the Android payment system and iPhone payment system policies.
  • -Alliance: “Affiliate” refers to a content alliance system established between the service. Depending on the settings of the partnership, you can view posts, use the data room, and chat with members.
  • -Feed: “Feed” refers to writing or uploading text, photos, videos, and various files and links in the form of information such as codes, texts, audio, sound, images, and videos posted by the member on the service. Means.
  • -Withdrawal: This is the act of the member terminating the use contract.

Chapter 2 service use contract

Article 5 conclusion of the contract of use

  • ①'Use Agreement' is concluded when a person who wants to become a 'member' (hereinafter 'subscription applicant') agrees to the contents of the 'Terms' and then applies for membership and the 'Company' approves such application. The 'subscription applicant' becomes a 'member' from the point when the 'use contract' is concluded upon the consent of the 'company' and can freely use the 'service' according to the 'terms'. The use contract is established with the consent of the "company" to the application for use by the user.
  • ② The 'company' may collect (personal) information such as the e-mail address of the 'subscription applicant' in the process of signing the contract for use, and in this case, the 'subscription applicant' must provide accurate (non-false) information. The personal information processing policy posted separately applies to the collection, use, and storage of personal information pursuant to this section.
  • ③ ‘The company’ may post customized advertisements within the service or send advertisement information messages by utilizing member information for service operation. In addition, the company may send various information e-mails related to the service to members who have agreed to receive marketing information, but if the member does not want to do so, he or she can refuse to receive marketing information at any time by accessing [Menu] → [Settings] → [Account Information]. The company does not provide member information to third parties without the member’s separate consent unless there are special provision in the law.
  • ④ ‘The company’ may add or change member information and other information items from members to provide services if necessary.

Article 6 Disapproval of application for use and withholding consent

  • ① The company may not approve the application of the applicant for subscription if there is a reason falling under each of the subparagraphs below, and if the reasons for each of the following subparagraphs are confirmed even after signing up, the company may cancel the acceptance or terminate the contract of use.
    • 1. When attempting to sign up for this service using personal information such as another person's name or email address (account theft)
    • 2. When there is no realistic margin in the capacity of the facility to provide services
    • 3. When it is judged that there is a problem in the technical part for providing the service
    • 4. When other companies deem it necessary financially or technically
    • 5. When a person who has received a service suspension measure from the company voluntarily terminates the integrated service use contract during the measure period and applies for re-subscription
    • 6. When a child under the age of 14 does not obtain the consent of a legal representative (parent, etc.)
    • 7. In case of violation of other related laws or regulations or standards set by the company such as detailed guidelines
  • ② If it is found that you have subscribed to the service in violation of the above conditions, the company may immediately suspend the use of the service or impose appropriate restrictions, such as deleting your account.

Article 7 Management and obligations of accounts, etc.

  • ① The FANTOO account can only be used by the member himself, and you cannot allow other people to use your FANTOO account. In addition, members must manage their own passwords so that other people cannot use their FANTOO account without permission. In order to prevent other people from unauthorized use of the user's FANTOO account, the company may require password input and additional identification procedures. If unauthorized use is found, please inform the company through the customer center, and the company will guide you on how to prevent unauthorized use.
  • ② Members can view and modify their FANTOO account information through the FANTOO account website or through the FANTOO account setting screen in individual services. However, some information such as FANTOO account, phone number, terminal identification number, and other identification information necessary for the provision and management of the FANTOO account service may not be editable, and additional identification procedures may be required in case of modification. If there is any change in the content notified by the member when applying for use, please correct it directly or notify the company through e-mail or customer center.
  • ③ The company is not responsible for any problems arising from the member's failure to timely correct the FANTOO account information.

Chapter 3 use of service

Article 8 Provision of various services

  • ① PCs, mobile phone terminals, communication devices, operating systems, communication means and power necessary to use this service must be prepared at the user's expense and responsibility.
  • ② After signing up for the service, you can terminate the use of the service by using the function provided in the menu that composes the service. In this case, the service use record will be deleted immediately, except for information that must be kept for a certain period of time as stipulated by relevant laws. The posts or comments created will not be deleted and the author will be displayed as a withdrawn member. However, please note that the post and comment will not be deleted if the post is posted by a third party as a scrap or other sharing function, or if the post is not deleted before the end. If there is a separate notice that there may be restrictions on the reuse of the service for a certain period of time at the end of the service use, please note that there may be a certain time limit on the reuse of the service according to the guidance.
  • ③ The company provides various services that can be enjoyed on mobile, such as bulletin board service, online content provision service, and location-based service. The company provides a variety of additional services that users want, and the details of the services are notified separately. The company provides detailed information on how to use the newly added or changed service through the application store, the Q&A center of the service, and the notice in the service.
  • ④ The company provides you with a free, non-exclusive license so that users can fully use the service. However, it does not give users the right to use the company's trademarks and logos.
  • ⑤ The company can provide an updated version of the necessary software for better service. Software updates include adding important features or removing unnecessary features. Users can use the added and enhanced services by installing the updated app.
  • ⑥ In order to provide better service, the company may display various information related to the use of the service, including various notices, management messages, and other advertisements, in the service or send it directly to the contact information registered in the member's account information. However, in the case of transmission of advertising information, it is transmitted only if you consent to the reception in advance.
  • ⑦ If you find any problems such as system errors while using the service, please feel free to notify the customer center.
  • ⑧ Please note that in the process of using the service, if you do not use Wi-Fi wireless Internet, but connect to the wireless Internet of your mobile operator, a separate data communication fee may be charged to you from the mobile operator. wish. Data communication charges incurred in the process of using the service must be paid to the mobile operator at the user's expense and responsibility. For detailed information on data communication charges, please contact your mobile service provider.

Article 9 Service usage method and precautions

  • ① Users can freely use the service, but they should not perform any of the following actions, and the user is solely responsible for this.
    • 1. An act of filling in false information when applying or changing use, stealing or illegally using another person's account and password, using another person's name, or performing text message (SMS) authentication without the permission of the title holder
    • 2. Reproduction, distribution, or commercial use of information obtained using the company's services
    • 3. The act of distributing for profit purposes other than using the data provided through download within the service for private purposes
    • 4. Acts that damage the honor or disadvantage of others
    • 5. The act of posting pornographic material on a bulletin board or linking (linking) pornographic sites
    • 6. Acts that infringe other rights such as copyrights of the company or a third party (although the company has taken measures to prevent infringement of rights to others through technical measures such as blocking IP access as acts that infringe the copyrights of third parties at home and abroad. This includes acts that infringe on the copyright of a third party, such as accessing the service by a user intentionally or through a means and method that deceives the company)
    • 7. Posting false information about the company or a third party in the service
    • 8. Distributing information, sentences, figures, voices, etc. of contents that violate public order and morals to others
    • 9. The act of registering or distributing computer virus infection data that causes malfunction of service-related facilities or destruction and confusion of information, etc.
    • 10. Sending advertising information or Spam Mail against information that may intentionally interfere with the operation of the service or interfere with stable operation, and against the recipient's explicit refusal to receive it
    • 11. The act of copying, modifying, distributing, selling, transferring, lending, providing collateral, or permitting others to use the service or part of the software included therein without the consent of the company, reverse engineering the software, or attempting to extract the source code Duplicating, disassembling or imitating the service or otherwise modifying the service
    • 12. Acts of pretending to be others and falsely specifying relationships with others
    • 14. Distributing false information for the purpose of giving property profits to oneself or others or causing damage to others
    • 15. Gambling or speculative behavior with money
    • 16. Acts of mediating prostitution or distributing information of content that mediates fornication
    • 17. Interfering with the other person's daily life by continuing to reach the other person with words, sounds, writings, images, or videos that cause shame, disgust or fear.
    • 18. Transmission or posting of information (including computer programs) that is prohibited from being transmitted or posted by relevant laws
    • 19. Sending emails, FANTOO messages, etc. by impersonating or pretending to be an employee or operator of a company or affiliated company
    • 20. Posting an article by stealing the name of another person
    • 21. Posting data containing software viruses, other computer code, files, programs designed for the purpose of disrupting or destroying the normal operation of computer software, hardware, and telecommunication equipment, or sending by email or FANTOO message
    • 22. Harassment of other users, such as stalking, abuse of false or malicious reports
    • 23. Unfairly abusing the service, such as repeating the act of canceling again after subscribing to the service within 1 month and purchasing a paid service twice or more
    • 24. Violation of other current laws and regulations, these terms and conditions, and detailed guidelines related to the services provided by the company
  • ② The user cannot transfer or donate the right to use the service or other status under the contract of use to another person, and cannot provide it as collateral.
  • ③ Depending on the user's qualifications or age, some of the service use may be restricted as follows.
    • 1. Users under the age of 19 (except for those who reached January 1 of the year they reach the age of 19, hereinafter the same applies in this article) Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. In accordance with the provisions of the Communication Network Act') and the Youth Protection Act, media products harmful to youth cannot be used.
    • 2. You must be over 19 years of age to use media that are harmful to youth, and the use of the service is restricted according to the provisions of the Information and Communication Network Act and the Youth Protection Act.
  • ④ For a user who does not comply with relevant laws, all terms and conditions of the company, or policies, the company may investigate the user's violations, delete the post, etc., or temporarily or continuously suspend the user's use of the service , Re-subscription or reuse of the service may be restricted.
  • ⑤ In principle, usage restrictions are gradually restricted from temporary restrictions to permanent restrictions depending on the cumulative degree of the violation, but obvious illegal acts prohibited by relevant laws such as posting and disseminating obscene content and promoting speculative gambling, or infringement of the rights of others. For matters requiring urgent risk or damage prevention, use may be immediately and permanently restricted regardless of the cumulative degree of the number of violations.

Article 10 Management of Posts

  • ① If a member's post contains content that violates related laws, such as the Information and Communication Network Act and the Copyright Act, the copyright holder may request the company to stop posting or delete the post according to the procedures set by the relevant laws and regulations. Take action according to.
  • ② Even if there is no request from the right holder, if there is a reason for the infringement of the right to be acknowledged, or if the company's policies and related laws are violated, the company may take temporary measures, etc., according to the relevant laws and regulations.
  • ③ The detailed procedures related to the above follow the procedures for reporting rights infringement set by the company within the scope of the Information and Communication Network Act and the Copyright Act.

Article 11 Management of data storage and public postings

  • ①"Company" may set the posting deadline and capacity for information and materials provided by members according to the company's notice and service usage guide.
  • ② The "Company" may take necessary measures such as deleting, moving, or rejecting registration of public posts and materials falling under the following subparagraphs to establish a sound communication culture and efficient service operation. In this case, the company does not bear any responsibility for the deletion of posts and materials, and in the event of a legal problem, the user who registered the post will be fully responsible.
    • 1. Posts or materials that are presumed to be related to acts that infringe on the legal interests of others, such as those requested for deletion by interested parties, or providing reasons for the company to be sued or accused
    • 2. Posts and materials containing viruses that may harm the service
    • 3. Posts and materials that have exceeded the specified posting deadline and capacity (in this case, the company may inform the member about deletion or movement in advance)
    • 4. Posts and materials that significantly interfere with other users' use of the service
    • 5. Posts and materials requested for deletion of state agencies, etc. in accordance with laws related to telecommunications and criminal laws
  • ③ If the "Company" receives a request to stop posting from a third party for defamation or infringement of intellectual property rights, etc., it may temporarily stop posting (stop transmission), and a lawsuit between the requester of posting and the post registrant , Agreements, or other similar decisions made by related organizations and submitted to the company shall comply with this.
  • ④ If the posting is temporarily suspended, the member who registered the post may request the company to resume transmission, and the company may delete it if the posting is not requested again within 30 days from the date the posting was stopped.
  • ⑤ Posts created by members can be jointly promoted by the user and the company to establish a business cooperation relationship with the content-based business and actively cooperate with each other to jointly promote various additional content projects, but the post is a third party's portrait, name, trademark, work, etc. If you use (including the creation of a secondary work), you cannot proceed with additional projects using the post without the permission of the right holder for the original content. In this case, the member and the company have the right to negotiate with each other regarding the progress of the additional business of the post posted by the member, and accordingly, the company must consult with the member in order to proceed with the additional business related to the post. You can agree to the progress of the additional business of the post. However, the member may not allow a third party to proceed with another additional business without the written consent of the company, with respect to the post that has decided to proceed with the additional business through agreement with the company.

Article 12 Retention of rights and use of works

  • ① Members or content providers may post content (hereinafter referred to as 'posts') such as photos, articles, information, (videos), services, or opinions or suggestions about the company in the service. The property rights will continue to be held by the original right holder or member or content provider.
  • ② When a member or content provider posts a post in the service, the post may be exposed to the service (channel, etc.) included in the service, and to the extent necessary for use, storage, modification, duplication, public transmission, display, We will provide the Company with a non-exclusive, free, worldwide license (including the right to grant sublicense) that allows use by distribution or other means. The rights granted to the company by members or content providers under this license are used within the scope of operating, improving, promoting services and developing new services. Some posts may have settings that limit the company's scope of use of the content provided.
  • ③ The member or content provider must have the necessary rights to license the content provided to the company. Publishers are responsible for any issues arising out of not having these rights. In addition, the post may not disclose or post content that is obscene, violent, or violates other public order and morals.
  • ④ The company is responsible for the content of members or content providers violating relevant laws or being obscene or harmful to juveniles, postings that promote discrimination conflict, wallpapering, advertising, public relations, spam postings, postings that transfer or transact accounts, and others. If it is determined that it is a post that is impersonating, you can delete it or refuse to post it. However, the company is not obligated to review all content. If someone has violated the rights of the post, you can get help with your request to stop posting through the customer center. Details of the specific standards and restrictions on use related to the above can be found in the FANTOO Operation Policy.
  • ⑤ For content posted on the service, the entity providing the content is solely responsible for all the responsibilities. Even if you use the integrated service, you do not have any rights to the content of other users. In order for you to use other users' content, you must obtain separate permission from the content owner.
  • ⑥ For a work created by the company, the company has copyrights and other intellectual property rights, and if the company and a third party create a work, the company has the rights stipulated in the copyright law for the joint work.
  • ⑦ The user shall not use the information obtained by using the service for commercial purposes or make it available to a third party by copying, transmitting, publishing, distributing, broadcasting, or other methods without prior consent of the company.
  • ⑧ Even if the user has received permission for the transfer or use of the right to the post from the member who posted the post on the service, the right transferred or granted by this is to the rights of the company, the company affiliated artist, and a third party regarding the post. Has no effect.

Article 13 Fan Club Operation Policy

  • ① A club is a group of the fandom community. It is usually used in the sense of a club and provides the following functions.
    • 1. Bulletin board: Club creators and members who have joined the club can create text, images, videos, and links, and members can view, share, and comment on the content created by the members. Contents posted on violate relevant laws, or as mentioned in Article 12, Paragraph 4 of these Terms and Conditions, content that is restricted to use cannot be uploaded or used, and the creator of the post is liable for this.
    • 2. Member List: Displays a list of club creators and members who have joined the club. In a club where the member list is public, other members can view the activity history of club members and attempt to communicate with them.
    • 3. Archive: This is a data room that can be used within this service. This is a function that allows club creators or members who have joined the club to upload text for archival purposes. In each board of the archive, members can view, share, and comment on the content that has been created by the members. Content posted on each board of the archive violates relevant laws, or content that has been restricted as mentioned in Article 12, Clause 4 of these Terms and Conditions cannot be uploaded or used, and the creator of the post is liable for this.
  • ② Anyone registered with the FANTOO profile can open a club, and create a community. The community name cannot be duplicated, and all required information (club name and agreement to the club leader's personal information protection obligation and operational policy) must be entered.
  • ③ Clubs can be used in full only by the creator who opened the club or the member who has applied for membership to the club as a member and approved by the creator. Membership approval is the sole authority of the club creator and is irrelevant to the company's policy.
  • ④ The founder who has opened a club can use functions such as member management, affiliate management, notice registration and management, and club setting, and the company does not intervene in its operating policy. However, through reports from members and monitoring by the company, the club can be suspended without warning in case of violating the major violations specified in Articles 9, 10, 11, and 12 of this Agreement.
  • ⑤ The founder who opened the club may ‘deport’ to cancel the membership of the registered members, which is the sole authority of the club creator and is irrelevant to the company's policy.
  • ⑥ When a club has been opened, a creator must notify the members who have joined the club one month before the deletion and induce them to withdraw. Deletion of the club is possible only when all registered members withdraw from the club, and after deleting the club, all posted data (posts on bulletin board and archives, member details, etc.) will be deleted and not restored.

Article 14 Use of paid services within the service

  • ① Members can use paid services through in-app purchases, flat-rate payments, electronic payment agency services, or other methods determined by the company.
  • ② Members who purchase 'paid items' through in-app purchase or electronic payment agency service understand and agree that they have all the necessary rights to make payments in the way they choose, and that they are responsible for legal problems and circumstances arising therefrom.
  • ③'Paid items' purchased through in-app purchases or electronic payment agency services can only be used within the service and cannot be transferred or rented. 'Paid items' cannot be exchanged for cash unless it is indispensable under the laws related to electronic transactions.
  • ④ If there is a separate business operator that operates each payment method, the member must perform the procedure suggested by the business operator of the payment method before using the payment method. When paying for the company's paid service fee, you must agree to the procedure and terms of use presented by the provider of the payment method.
  • ⑤ If some or all of the paid services within this service are suspended/terminated, it is assumed that the right to use can be maintained until the relevant period, and if such a reason occurs, the company will give sufficient time to the member (as soon as the reason occurs). This will be announced in advance.
  • ⑥ The company may not approve the application for the use of paid services that fall under each of the following clauses, or may cancel the approval later.
    • 1. When a minor under the age of 14 applies without the consent of a legal representative
    • 2. In case the approval according to the normal procedure is not possible due to the responsible reason of the applicant
    • 3. When it is judged that approving other application for use violates the relevant laws or regulations or violates the company's business policies, such as social order, morals, and related terms and conditions of the company.
  • ⑦ In the following cases, the company may maintain the state of restriction of approval until the reason for restriction of approval for use application is resolved.
    • 1. If it is judged that satisfactory service cannot be provided due to insufficient service facilities
    • 2. In case of service failure
  • ⑧ For the 'paid item' purchased by a member, there are two types of cases where withdrawal of subscription or cancellation of the contract (hereinafter referred to as “withdrawal of subscription, etc.”) is possible and cases where “withdrawal of subscription” is restricted in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. In the event that “subscription withdrawal, etc.” is restricted, the company will notify the contents of the purchase at the time of purchasing the 'paid item'. If “subscription withdrawal, etc.” is possible, members must “withdraw subscription, etc.” within 7 days from the date of filling the “paid item”. “Withdrawal of subscription, etc.” takes effect when a member expresses his or her intention to the company by phone or e-mail.
  • ⑨ Apart from exercising the right to cancel, the company or member may claim damages from the other party if the right to cancel is exercised for reasons attributable to the other party.

Article 15 Use of Mobile Messenger

  • ① Mobile messenger in this service can be used only by basic membership registration. Basic membership registration is a process of agreeing to the terms of this service, verifying a social account or email or mobile phone number to create an account, and entering a password. The company may require you to enter a password and go through additional identification procedures to prevent unauthorized use of your FANTOO account by others. If unauthorized use is found, please inform the company through the customer center, and the company will guide you on how to prevent unauthorized use. The company is not responsible for any damages caused by users not modifying the information in the service. Adding a friend should not collect, use or provide other users' information without permission, and use the messenger function for commercial purposes, or use obscene information, copyright infringement, information that posts false information about the company or a third party, etc. Sending or posting information that violates morals and laws is prohibited, and all legal responsibility for this is the responsibility of the member.
  • ② If the user does not comply with the law, the company's terms and conditions or policies, the company may investigate the user's violation, delete or temporarily delete the post, or delete the account.
  • ③ In the case of posting chat messages, image files, video files, links, etc. with other users using a messenger for this service, the post may be exposed to all of this service, and use, save, modify, or duplicate within the scope necessary A license is added to allow the use to be used in a manner such as, public transmission, exhibition, distribution, etc. The posted content may persist even after you stop using the service or withdraw from the service. The rights you grant to the Company under this license are used within the scope of operating, improving, promoting the service, and developing new services. Some services may provide a way to access or delete the content you provide.
  • ④ This service may display some content that the company does not own. For such content, the entity providing the content is solely responsible for all responsibility. Even if you use the service, you do not have any rights to the content of other users. In order for you to use other members' content, you must obtain permission from the content owner separately.
  • ⑤ The company makes its best efforts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so that the messenger service can operate smoothly. However, the provision of services may be temporarily suspended for regular or temporary inspections for equipment maintenance, maintenance, or other significant reasons, and in this case, we will notify you in advance on the service provision screen. If the messenger service is interrupted for reasons unpredictable even by the company, we will try to restore the service as soon as possible as soon as the company knows the situation.

Article 16 service use, change and termination

The contents of the service may be changed, or the service may be terminated due to reasons such as termination or change of the contract with the partner of the company contracted for the company's service provision, and the start of new service. The company posts changes or termination of the service on the initial screen of the service, the screen of an individual service, or the notice column.

Article 17 Termination of use contract

  • ① If you want to cancel the service use contract, you can apply for cancellation at any time by using the menu provided in the service, and the company will process it promptly as stipulated by laws and regulations.
  • ② When the service use contract is terminated, all data such as your information or data will be deleted, except in the case of holding your schedule information in accordance with relevant laws and personal information processing policies. However, posts or comments made will not be deleted and the author will be displayed as a member who has withdrawn. If a post is shared by a third party through a scraping or other sharing function, or if it is not deleted before termination, the post and comments will not be deleted. So, please be sure to delete them before requesting termination.
  • ③ Posts not deleted by you pursuant to the preceding paragraph will remain in the service without being deleted within the scope necessary for the normal use of the service by other users.
  • ④ The termination of the paid service use contract is established by your application for termination of the paid service use contract and the approval of the company. If there is an amount to be refunded, a refund will be made. When the contract of use is terminated, all data related to club activities will be destroyed without a grace period.
  • ⑤ If you do not use the service for a certain period of time, your information may be destroyed or stored separately, or you may restrict the use of some or all of the service functions.
  • ⑤ Even if the service use contract is terminated, you can apply for the conclusion of the service use contract with the company again. However, if you cancel the use contract and apply for the contract again after the use of the service is suspended because you do not comply with the relevant laws, these terms and conditions, and detailed instructions, there may be a time limit for signing up for the service. In addition, you cannot re-register with the same ID to prevent abuse.

Article 18 Protection of personal information

For the protection of users' personal information, the company provides maximum protection through operation and technology. Personal information is used only for the purpose and scope agreed by you for the smooth provision of services. The company does not provide the member's personal information to a third party unless otherwise agreed by the relevant laws or regulations.

Article 19 Provision of location-based services

  • ① The location-based service provided by the company uses Wi-Fi or wireless service, and data communication charges incurred when using the wireless service are separate, and are subject to the policies of each mobile operator to which the user subscribes.
  • ② The company may restrict, change, or suspend all or part of the location-based service if it is not possible to maintain the location-based service due to various circumstances or legal reasons, such as a change in the policy of the location-based service provider.
  • ③ However, in the case of suspension of location-based service according to the above, the company notifies or notifies users through other notice pages such as the company homepage in advance.
  • ④ Location information service cannot be provided to minors under the age of 14 and can be used after obtaining the consent of a parent or guardian if used by a person under the age of 14.

Chapter 4 others

Article 20 compensation for damages

  • ① "Company" compensates the user for damages in accordance with the laws and regulations in the event that it is caused by intentional or gross negligence of the company. However, we do not compensate for damages caused by failure of the free service, interruption of provision, loss or deletion of stored data, or alteration, and we are not responsible for the following damages.
    • -Damage caused by natural disasters or equivalent force majeure
    • -When there is a problem in the use of the service due to the user's fault
    • -Personal damage incurred in the process of accessing or using the service
    • -Damage caused by a third party accessing or using the company's server in an illegal method such as hacking
    • -Damage caused by a third party interfering with the transmission to or from the company server
    • -Damage caused by a third party transmitting or distributing malicious programs
    • -Damage incurred in the process of using the service by a third party, such as damage caused by omission, omission, or destruction of transmitted data, and defamation
    • -Damages caused by other reasons without intention or negligence of the company
  • ② If the "Company" fails to provide services to members due to reasons attributable to the "Company", paid service users are compensated according to the consumer dispute resolution standards notified by the Fair Trade Commission.
  • ③ The "Company" compensates or compensates for damages to the "User" caused by defects, suspension of use, or obstacles in the "Content".
  • ④ Methods and procedures such as compensation for damages pursuant to Paragraph 3 shall be handled in accordance with the “Content User Protection Guidelines”, and other methods and procedures for compensation for damages shall be in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

Article 21 Protection of youth

Basically, this service is a space that can be used freely by all age groups. In order to protect youth from harmful information and to help youth use the Internet safely, the Youth Protection Policy stipulated in the Information and Communication Network Act is separately implemented.

Article 22 Settlement of Disputes

These terms and conditions or services are stipulated and implemented by the laws of the Republic of Korea. If a dispute arises between the company and you regarding the use of the service, we will sincerely consult to resolve the dispute. Nevertheless, if it is not resolved, you can bring a lawsuit to the competent court under the Civil Procedure Act.

Article 23 Posting of Advertisements and Transactions with Advertisers

  • ① Part of the service that the company can provide to members are based on service investment and may come from revenue through advertisement posting. Members agree to the posting of advertisements exposed while using the service.
  • ② The company shall not be responsible for any loss or damage that occurs as a result of members participation in promotional activities posted by advertisers through the service, or as a result of communication or transaction posted on the service

· Effective date: April 16, 2022