Seoul Marina Open Studio

FANTOO HOUSE is the first complex cultural space of FANTOO.
We have built a space to build unity and make interactions happen between FANTOO and all fandoms with no boundaries of online and offline.

FANTOO HOUSE aims to go beyond simply spreading Hanryu, but to focus on communicating, building relationships, and sharing the value of Hanryu with global fandoms.

Special places of FANTOO

Recording Studio

A space where we create the value
of Korean wave


A space where artists and
fandoms can interact

Cooking Studio

A space where you can experience
Korean culture


A space to rest for fandoms

Adding FANTOO to the world,


It is a space for On&Offline global users to build unity, make interactions, and experience FANTOO

Brand / Artist Promotion Zone

  • Brand / New album Promotion
  • Mini Concert
  • FanMeeting
  • Studio for various contents

User's Participation Zone

  • Artist Exhibition
  • Artist Birthday Event
  • Get-Together Area

FANTOO Event Zone

  • FANTOO Events
  • FANTOO Contents Shooting
  • FANTOO Shelter